There is no shortage of variety when it comes to our crystal and mineral selection.

We carry a variety of minerals and crystals from all over the world – each hand-picked and guaranteed. We are known for our high quality and unusual specimens of clear quartz and amethyst, both intense purple with beautiful point and pink amethyst. We also have spectacular citrine.

We have made a focus and goal to always know where, who and how our products are mined. Our quartz, for example, is sourced from our friends and miners whom we have known for over 30 years.

We sell many varieties of minerals and crystals, as cathedrals, geodes, clusters, points, spheres, towers, free forms, slabs, carved, hearts, pyramids, eggs, celestials and carved figures. We have stone carvings in several different shapes and sizes, rough specimens, peculiar specimens, rare specimens and more. We carry smaller spirit animal soapstone carvings, larger gemstone carvings and genuine Native American fetishes from the Zuni tribe that are carved out of a variety of stones.

Our store has it all!

Pyramids, Eggs, Spheres & Hearts

Pearls of Wisdom offers a large variety of carvings. Included in this picture is small example of some of the Pyramids, Eggs, Spheres, and Hearts you might see at our store! Certain carvings, like Spheres and Pyramids, can be used in practices like Sacred Geometry, while other carvings can make nice gifts or be used for general energy work.

Slabs, Statue Carvings & Spirit Animals

Along with our other carvings, we offer very intricate and exquisite gemstone carvings of Ganesha, Buddha and more! Included in this picture are some slabs, which can be a great way to display a certain type of specimen, and can also be used as a flat base for other items. Finally, we also have many different spirit animals in stock. These animal carvings can be great for tapping into that specific animal’s energy. This aspect, combined with the gemstone’s inherent energetic properties, can create a very unique energetic experience for the user.

Clusters, Points, Elestials & Specimen

If you are looking for raw mineral specimens, then please check out our selection! These specimens can range from crystal points and clusters, to raw mineral specimens like malachite, epidote, and more!

Geodes, Towers & Free Forms

Our store’s crystal selection also includes Free Forms, Towers and Geodes! Polished Free Forms can come in many different stones and sizes, and Pearls of Wisdom has variety in both of those aspects! This same fact applies to our Tower carvings, which can be a very convenient way to display your gemstones. The points on the Towers can also be used to direct the energy of the stone! Finally, some of our most fabulous pieces are our Cathedral style Geodes! Whether it’s an Amethyst, Citrine, or Quartz Cathedral, these stones are guaranteed to be a show-stopper in your collection! We also offer smaller, unpolished geodes, which are great for energetic work.