There is no shortage of variety when it comes to our crystal and mineral selection.

We carry a variety of minerals and crystals from all over the world – each hand-picked and guaranteed. We are known for our high quality and unusual specimens of clear quartz and amethyst, both intense purple with beautiful point and pink amethyst. We also have spectacular citrine.

We have made a focus and goal to always know where, who and how our products are mined. Our quartz, for example, is sourced from our friends and miners whom we have known for over 30 years.

We sell many varieties of minerals and crystals, as cathedrals, geodes, clusters, points, spheres, towers, free forms, slabs, carved, hearts, pyramids, eggs, celestials and carved figures. We have stone carvings in several different shapes and sizes, rough specimens, peculiar specimens, rare specimens and more. We carry smaller spirit animal soapstone carvings, larger gemstone carvings and genuine Native American fetishes from the Zuni tribe that are carved out of a variety of stones.

Our store has it all!