Incense & Oils

Our incense selection includes many options, such as assorted variety packs, traditional Tibetan blends, cone incense and resin incense with multiple scents to choose from. For our oil selection, we provide essential oils, fragrance oils and flower essence oils.


Our candle selection includes various traditional scents and affirmation votives. These candles come in various shapes and sizes, so whether you need something that will last for an hour or twenty-four hours, we have you covered! Furthermore, we also offer smaller chime candles, primarily used for rituals.

Singing Bowls & Crystal Bowls

Singing bowls have been used over the course of many years for various sound healing rituals. We carry a wide selection of singing bowls. Our most common sellers are our traditional, hand-hammered Tibetan singing bowls. Aside from that, we have inexpensive mold-casted bowls, along with high-quality crystal singing bowls.

Tuning Forks

While tuning forks can be used to tune instruments, they can also be used to tune the body as well. Like singing bowls, they are often tuned to specific chakras and are used to stimulate and balance these chakras. We offer a variety of tuning forks that supplement your chakra development!

Crystals, Crystal Grids & Massage Wands

Along with many other uses, crystals are often used as tools of healing. These healing crystals can come in the form of carvings (like wands), worry stones, palm stones and even natural points and clusters. The use of these stones can help direct positive healing energy inward while expelling negative energy outward. Crystals can also be used in a tool called a “crystal grid.” These grids come with designs and are meant to be decorated with crystals in specific formations. This causes all of the crystals on the grid to work towards one specific intention, including spiritual healing. We offer all of these healing tools and more in a variety of different stones. (Amethyst is known as “the stone of healing,” and it’s always a great stone to start your healing journey.)

Massage wands are commonly used to massage the body while promoting the flow of the energetic properties specific to whatever gemstone is being used. Gua She massage tools are used for facial/body massage and for lymphatic drainage. We offer many massage wands in different shapes, sizes and stones.