Wicca is a modern, peaceful, nature-based Pagan religion whose adherents revere Mother Earth and believe in the spiritual energy and balance of all things. Its followers, who are called Wiccans, draw inspiration largely from the pre-Christian religions of Europe.

The primary deities in Wicca are the feminine and masculine aspects of the Divine. These are the Triple Goddess and the Horned God. Wiccans view the Goddess and the God as the two aspects of the Divine. An altar is preferred when doing spell work and grounding/meditation practices and is commonly dressed with an offering, such as coins, candles, crystals, a book of shadows (a handmade spell book and collection of notes), incense and more. Pearls of Wisdom offers these tools, as well as knowledge to help your spiritual maintenance and growth.

All Witches are welcome! Does your home have an altar? Ours does! Products include herbs, oils, candles, resin, incense, statuary, altar cloths, altar supplies, cauldrons, mortar and pestles. We also have Wicca silver-themed jewelry.


There are three types of Paganism: Polytheism, Animism and Pantheism. The most well-known gods are Odin, Freya and Freyr. The most common tools for practice is the Athame (a tool for directing energy, such as a knife), bells (used to create a loud noise to drive away evil spirits) and a broom (used for sweeping the ceremonial area before a ritual or spell). An altar is preferred, and you may dress it to your liking with crystals, a chalice, candles, cauldrons and so on. At our store, we offer these tools to help maintain and grow your practice.


Our Celtic selection includes Celtic-themed sterling silver jewelry and books on Celtic magic, and statues of Celtic deities are kept in stock regularly.